Keeping your Wedding Vows
I Do...Until Death do us Part?  Gaining a New Perspective on Traditional Wedding Vows

Welcome to the home page for the book title, I Do...Until Death do us Part? by Catherine Harmon

In today's society, saying "I do" has become so casual that it gives no meaning to the traditional wedding vows.

In this book titled, I Do...Until Death do us Part?, married couples, couples to be, and couples on their way to a

divorce will gain another perspective of each wedding vow by connecting God's word to the vows and bringing

meaning to each one. The tone is casual and to the point that will allow the reader to relate a little to the

reading. This is an important guide and reminder of what we say when we say, "I do...until death do us part."

After all, staying married until death does us part is a promise that was made at the altar and should not be taken



Couples will receive insight on the following areas:

  • Marriage is God's idea and He has purpose for it.
  • Characteristics that God passed on to Man and Woman in order to give structure and roles for husband and wife.
  • What God says about divorce and being separated.
  • How to rely on God to live up to your wedding vows for life.


 Questions that are often asked and need to be answered:

  • How can we become one?
  • Can a marriage survive an affair?
  • How can our sex life be fullfilling?
  • What if my spouse wants to leave the marriage?
  • Why should I pray for my marriage?
  • Will I need to make changes in myself?

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